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I am Bryce Casselman the owner and operator of Summerfield Distilling Company here in Langford, BC on Vancouver Island. I welcome you to explore our website starting with our story below. I always enjoy meeting new people and hearing their stories so feel free to connect with me on social media or contact me here.

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Our Story

It all started from a prompting I had during the Summer of 2021 while attending to my garden. That prompting was a rather simple one, to read my Great-Grandmothers book Garden Dreams Realized and see if there was something within the pages to inspire ideas for my garden. The story Beatrice V. Summerfield wrote dates back to 1916 from her first home, Roycliffe, up Burrard Inlet to her second home and cherished garden, Homeacre, in North Vancouver. As I read the book little did I know how inspired I'd be of her hard work and commitment to her vision. Like Beatrice conceiving an intense desire to create a garden from scratch I too was overcome with an intense desire to bring an inspired idea to life. Her story sparked a calling in me to involve my garden and tap into that entrepreneurial grit. With that I formed the Summerfield Distilling Company. As a tribute to honour my Great-Grandmother I chose to use the family name and carry on the legacy of her spirit.

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Our Mission

To create handcrafted essentials from homegrown distilled botanicals and to offer small batch distillation as a unique service for others to enjoy.

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Our Vision

To provide exceptional products, memorable customer experiences and become a trusted local service provider for homegrown distilled botanicals.

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